Stamping + Stamping / Embossing + Die Cutting Machine

RK 50-E

RK Label Printing machinery  are Manufacturer and suppliers of Hot Foil embossing Stamping Machinery used for manufacture of cosmetics liquor boxes embossing , pharmaceuticals label embossing, Medical Label embossing, Food and Beverages Label embossing, ice-cream label embossing, Labels embossing machinery manufacturer and supplier in Ahmadabad Gujarat India.

This machine is use for only label stamping and die cutting machine. Not for printing machine.

We are Emboss the label in this machine. Stamping + Stamping / Embossing + Die Cutting Machine.


Paper Width :- 280 mm Maximum
2 Stamping Unit Area : 250 x 280mm.
4 Colour Stamping Area : Size 125mm. x 280 mm.
Die Cut Area :- 280mm x 300mm
Stamping Foil Feeding With Mechanical / Electronics
Speed : 4000 Strocker Per Hr. Max.
Main Motor 5 HP 3 Phase A/C. Variable
Paper Feeding Electronics System
Weight :- 1400 Kg. (Approx.)

Category: Hot Foil Labels