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Flatbed Printing Labels

Flatbed Printing Labels

Flatbed Printing Labels Machine


Flatbed Prinitng Machine. Barcode label are printing , Product Label ,in this machine. We are given some new future in this machine. Online lamination, Stamping, die cutting are in this machine. This is a 12’’ machine. Fully Digital Electronic control. Most of pharmaceutical label are print in this machine.

4 Color Printing + Lamination + Stamping / Die Cutting + Computer Holes Machine.


Paper Width :- 300mm. Maximum
Printing Area :- 300mm. x 410mm.
4 Colour Area :- 300mm x 95mm.
3 Colour Area :- 300mm. x 130mm.
Lamination / Stamping Unit
Stamping Area :- 300mm. x 200 mm.
Die Cut Area :- 300mm. x 250mm.
Auto Numbering Chase (Extra)
Computer Sprocket 17 Holes Unit
Speed : 5000 Strocker Per hr. Max.
Main Motor : 5 HP 3 Phase A/C Variable
Paper Feeding Electronic System
Weight :- 3300 Kgs. (Approx)
Machine Control With Fully Digital Electronic Control Production Counter Control With Auto Stop.

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